Prairie Mountain Golf League

Congratulations to Carberry Sandhills Golf Course, your 2022 and first ever, Prairie Mountain Golf League Champions

Welcome to the Prairie Mountain Golf League

PMGL is an interclub competition between Western Manitoba golf course in the Prairie Mountain region of the province. The league consists of 8 teams in 2022 all of which are listed below with rosters linked to their name. 
Over 8 weeks teams will compete against one another to determine who will take home the PMGL Cup at the end of the season tournament. The top four teams will qualify for this one day, 36 hole championship held at Minnedosa Golf & Country Club on July 22nd.

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Teams (2022):

Carberry Sandhills Golf Club
Dauphin Lake Golf Course
Gilbert Plains Country Club
Glenboro Golf & Country Club
Glen Lea Golf Course
Minnedosa Golf & Country Club
Neepawa Golf & Country Club
Oak Island Golf Course

Full List of Rules:


  • Weekly team matches featuring 4 players from each team.
  • Two man Fourball (Better score) playing format
  • There will be 3 points available for each match. One point for winning the front nine, one for the back nine and one for the overall 18 holes. If there is a tie, half a point will be awarded to each team
  • There will be no handicaps involved



  • Each golf course is expected to have four players available each week. Courses can roster up to 12 players on their team. It is the course or team captain’s responsibility to schedule which players will play which week.
  • Players MUST be members of the golf course in which they are playing for. Club professionals are permitted to compete.



  • Matches will be played on Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons depending on courses preference and schedule
  • There will be 8 matches total over the course of 8 weeks
  • First match will begin mid-May and run until mid-July
  • The playoffs will see the 1st place team playing the 4th place team, and 2nd playing 3rd with the higher seed having home course advantage for these matches.