Golf Clinics

Patrick Law offers customized golf clinics for golfers of all ages. These golf clinics are a perfect fit for anyone looking to spend a day learning every aspect of the game of golf and directly applying this lesson knowledge directly to the golf course that day in the included playing lesson. 

Each clinic is limited to 5 golfers at a time and include PGA of Canada Certified instruction, video analysis, playing lesson and written summary of improvements made along with drills and direction given to further hone your technique. Additionally, each clinic can be customized to each group's desired area of focus such as short game, approach/iron play, long game (driver and full swing) or course management techniques. 

Each clinic will range in time and price depending on the amount of topics covered. The following are examples of how each clinic can be customized and the estimated cost associated.

Clinic 1:

One topic (ex. Short Game) + Playing Lesson

3 Hours :

1 hour - Meet with instructor, discuss goals, evaluate technique & equipment, practice drills and apply to the technique

1.5 hours - Playing lesson, apply lessons learned to on course play

.5 hour - Review lessons learned, address issues that still may be arising, refine these areas.

$300 - 2 people $150 each | 3 people $100 each | 4 people $75 each | 5 people $60 each

(Regular rate for 3 hours of instruction: $200 each)

Clinic 2:

Two topics (ex. Short Game and Iron Play) + Playing Lesson

4 Hours:

Same itinerary as Clinic 1 with one extra hour to cover additional topic of Iron Play

$400 - 2 people $200 each | 3 people $135 each | 4 people $100 each | 5 people $80 each

(Regular rate for 4 hours of instruction: $250 each)


*Clinics can span over multiple days covering multiple topics and be spaced out to fit the convenience of the customers.*


To book a clinic for your group or to host one at your golf club please contact Patrick Law at (204) 720-9623 or